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Clothing Alterations

There is no job too small when it comes to clothing alterations, our seamstress is highly skilled and friendly.  Below is the current price list for the services we provide, though if you have something not mentioned, bring it in and we will give you a personalised estimate of the work and cost.


If you are unsure of exactly what you want doing, we have a fitting room that you can use and we will discuss what we think is best for the garment and your body shape.


We try to work on a time frame of 3-4 days though this is highly dependent on the amount of work needed.  We can undertake bridal and prom dress alterations too.  If there is a time frame such as you are going away on holiday, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Price List



Jeans                                                               £8.00

Standard width trousers                                   £8.00

Standard width trousers (with tape)                 £10.00

Wide width trousers                                         £10.00

Unlined dresses/tops/skirts                              £10.00

Lined dresses/tops/skirts                                 £12.00

Wide width unlined dresses/tops/skirts            £12.00

Wide width lined dresses/tops/skirts                £14.00

Jacket/coat sleeves (without buttons)              £10.00

Jacket/coat sleeves (with buttons)                   £12.00


Zips - price not inclusive if zip needs to be specially ordered

Jeans                                                               £9.00

Trousers                                                           £9.00

Skirts                                                                £9.00

Dresses                                                          £10.00

Coats/Jackets                                                 £12.50

Cushions                                                          £8.00


Garment Alterations

Seam and waist alterations                       from £8.00

Half pockets                                              £2.50 each

Full pockets                                       from £5.00 each

Turned collars                                                   £4.00

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