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Gallery of Projects

The following selection is here to inspire you. These are just our humble projects and if you want to appear here to show off your work simply email us a picture and perhaps your name and we will try and put up as many as possible.


Annual Cross Stitch Competition


Many of you will no doubt have entered your lovely Cross Stitch projects into competitions but we thought that we would hold our own.  We are still working out the details but it is most likely to be held in the summer and we are thinking of have three classes of entry, small, medium and large based on the total amount of stitches involved.  All pieces should be framed, to prevent any damage coming to the piece, the back of the piece will not be judged.  Winners of each class will be based upon uniformity of the stitches and overall execution of the piece.


Also - prize is still to be decided but if any local businesses wish to donate something we would be very grateful!


We hope that we will be able to give you more details soon but please get in touch if you are at all interested in taking part.


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