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Our hand-stitched bunting makes a great present or addition to any room.  We specialise in personalised bunting with full choice of fabrics from our range.


Most of our fabrics are 100% cotton, though some are a polyester/cotton blend.  We hand cut the letters from your choice of coloured felt and stitch them directly onto the fabric.


Shapes included triangles, squares and half-hexagons


Double sided bunting is £1 per shape

Single sided bunting is 50p per shape

Letters are 50p each


For example in the picture above the cost would break down as follows:

Four letters (4 x 0.50p) = £2

6 double sided shapes (6 x £1) = £6


Total Cost = £8


We can post out orders and therefore we would have to charge and additional £2.00 for postage.  Otherwise you are free to collect as we will contact you when your order is ready


Want to order your own? Click contact us to get in touch!


Christmas versions are also available

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