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Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery Hoops are very useful for smaller cross stitch and embroidery projects.  They keep the fabric taut and easy to work with and allow you to get the thread tension correct.


They are typically made of hard wood due to pliability and light-weight handling.  We stock Elbesse close grain beech products as we believe they carry out their function perfectly and have no tendency to leave marks on your fabric even with extended periods of working on the same piece.


When using hoops make sure that you get your pre-marked mid-point of the fabrics in the centre of the hoop and the edge of the design is not too close to the hoop edge as this can make it difficult in working the stitches correctly. 


You can use a hoop on a design larger than the hoop itself but caution should be used with this method as fastening the hoop around already stitched sections could cause rubbing and wearing of the threads and could ruin the finished piece.  If in doubt on this, it is ususally easier and safer to use a full frame to prevent damage to your project.


Below is the range of embroidery hoops that we currently supply.

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